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  • Are your donuts vegan?
    Hell yes! Everything we produce and offer on our menu is 100% vegan.
  • What's so special about your donuts?
    First of all, we do everything by hand. All our donuts are made from scratch – preparing the dough, rolling, cutting and frying the dough and of course all of our toppings and fillings as well. We don't use nasty preservatives or glaze mixes. Every single donut is made using organic ingredients wherever possible.
  • Do you offer gluten free or gluten friendly options?
    At this point in time, no. We could imagine offering a baked and gluten-friendly donut in the future.
  • Are any of your donuts nut free?
    Since we're working in a shared commercial kitchen, we can't rule out cross contamination. We usually offer quite a range of donuts without nuts, but keep in mind that we use almond milk, oat milk, soy and gluten in our donuts.
  • Do you cater to personal events / take custom orders?
    We currently don't accept custom orders and don't cater directly to bigger events BUT if you have a birthday party or smaller event coming up, it is possible to pre-order from our current flavour menu and pick your order up at the shop during regular opening hours. Please get in touch with us to check availability via email. Thank you!
  • I live in Zurich – do you ship your donuts?
    Sorry, we don't! Although we'd love to, it's just not possible because fried things should always be eaten as fresh as possible. Preferably within a few hours from buying.
  • Can I bring my own box for take-away?
    Yes, please! The less packaging, the better.
  • How long can I store your donuts?
    With all fried foods, it's best to enjoy them as fresh and as soon as possible. Preferably within 6 hours to maintain optimal freshness. Donuts can be eaten within 24 hours, but quality and texture may be compromised. Quick tip: Pop them in the oven or microwave for a minute!
  • How should I store your donuts?
    Unfilled donuts should be kept at room temperature either in a sealed container or in the box/bag they were packaged in. Filled donuts should be consumed as soon as possible to prevent the fillings from being spoiled. You can refrigerate filled donuts, but this could cause them to dry out and quality could be compromised.
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