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Welcome to magical donut heaven!
You can easily pre-order your treats here, choosing from the seasonal monthly menu and pay in advance for pick-up at our store.

Important: If you want to pre-order for the following month, keep in mind that our menu changes completely at the beginning of the new month (every 1st Wednesday). Flavours from the previous monthly menu will NOT be available.

  • Your choice of 4 donuts for pick up.

    24 Swiss francs
  • Get #mystifried with one of everything this month! 6 Specialty Donuts

    37.50 Swiss francs
  • Your choice of 8 donuts for pick up.

    48 Swiss francs
  • Your choice of 12 donuts for pick up.

    72 Swiss francs
  • Your choice of 16 donuts for pick up.

    96 Swiss francs
  • Your choice of 24 donuts for pick up.

    144 Swiss francs

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