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All of our treats are completely vegan. We make everything by hand using high-quality ingredients, organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Our classic yeast-raised donuts are based on a vegan brioche dough.

All of our donuts are cut, fried, filled and decorated by hand in small batches.

Each month we like to switch up our donut menu to keep things interesting. Please see our current JUNE menu below. Cookies, cakes and other treats may change more frequently.

brioche donut dipped in a vanilla yoghurt glaze, chocolate shavings and topped with whipped cream
– 6 

mango & passion fruit
brioche donut dipped in a fresh
mango & passion fruit
– 5.50 CH
F –

toasted coconut 
brioche donut dipped in a coconut milk glaze, topped with toasted coconut shavings
– 5.50 CHF –

cinnamon & sugar
brioche donut rolled
in cinnamon and sugar
– 5.50 CHF –

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